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Giant trip p.c. is a 100% Greek company that deals with the purchase of real estate, property management and tourist accommodation in areas of Attica, Mykonos, the wider region of Greece and Cyprus. Giant trip p.c manages some of the most unique properties in Greece and Cyprus. We offer a comprehensive property management service in cooperation with the owners and with the aim of optimizing the revenue flowing from this process. Based on our experience and expert know-how, we make a valid and effective assessment of the value of your property.


Depending on the size and location, the special features and the need for renovation, our team's economic assessment fully reflects the modern market and is the most stable basis for our cooperation. With a specially designed team of professionals and our own crews, we undertake to prepare your property in the best possible way. Engineers, architects, interior and exterior decorators, as well as accountants, lawyers and notaries are next to you in preparation. The professionals who make up our team are highly skilled, knowledgeable in their field and with deep market knowledge.

Every minute counts in relation to online bookings. Consequently, it is necessary that prospective tenants of the property always find a response to any query they express. Full service 24/7 is a great prerequisite for completing your booking and increasing your apartment's revenue. We undertake the entire management of your property, dealing with any emergency immediately and effectively. We have professionals who respond to the call for any maintenance or repair within a minimum of time. As a result, your property remains flawlessly functional and ready to accommodate the next visitors without delay.


Through the ideal online management of your property, the rate of bookings for your apartment is optimized. More visitors complete their booking at your own property, increasing the revenue you enjoy. Depending on your needs and wishes, we manage your bookings for your apartment fully over the years. We undertake to promote your property on all Airbnb platforms, managing all possible.